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Devils were coupling during the eve… hehehe

Tell me what to do

I’m bored!!!!! freaking bored!!!!

I know i’m supposed to study for the supp paper now, but the problem is, i have nothing to study. The paper is just testing our mentality, just as what dear said. U just have to be calm when sitting for practical test.

Okay then, just tell me what should i do now.

My holiday just ended like THIS!!!!

Yah, it was right, my holiday just ended like this! Today is supposed to be a happy day, because, first, i met my primary school friend(Siew hui), we had lunch at La Bodega@Pavilion. My dear was there too cause my friend wants to see him. lol

After that, went to Wangsa walk mall to meet my grandma to celebrate my chinese 21st birthday, dear is invited too.(because my mum wants to treat him), Not meeting old folks k ichiro, don’t misunderstood! haha

At first i was very happy sitting inside TGi waiting for dear to come, and when he reached, he showed me a message, written there “CHECK YOUR RESULT”…I was like OMGGGGG, result is out???? I thought i will be out on monday, never expect it will be out so sudden. Then i asked him, how was it? is it ok? He remains silent.

I asked again, how? how? please tel me. Did u check for mine? I got fail?

He said: U check urself ba.

When he said so, i already can guess what he meant. OMFG. I failed. I FAILED. I was thinking how, but i’m totally blank at that time. I hope he was just lying to me, n said “haha, no la, bluff u oni”…but he didn’t..sigh. And the tears started to drop, and every of the waiters were looking at me. They must be thinking, how come this girl can cry while eating? They must be thinking of their foods are too delicious to make me cry. LOL.

Okay, let’s back to my sad topic. How could i failed a subject, i really don’t want to take any supplementary paper. Because, first, i never expect i will failed it, NEVER. And second, supp paper is so expensive, RM250 wei, i still want to save my angpau money to perm my hair, now all gone d, spoilt my plan, wtf! Honestly, i really didn’t think that i will fail a subject, okay, maybe CVS, cause this is the subject i ‘fuyan’ the most. But the results out were so different, i failed DNC! DNC! it really makes me (Die N Cry) lor…fuck!!!!!

I really can’t understand why did i failed it. I got A- for quiz, and why now dropped to C-, i totally can’t understand. Don’t care, monday i must go to uni and ask 99. Until now i still feel sad bout it, maybe this is the first time i ever failed a subject, i really can’t accept the truth. Sigh, but because of him, i will learn to be tough. Thanks dear for comforting me so long. Although i still feel like crying now. =( And thanks to my parents too, i thought they will be disappointing on my results, but when they saw me cried, instead of blaming me for not studying hard enough, they came and comfort me by not putting too much pressure on myself, and said “failed jek ma, failed jor ma re-sit the paper lo”. lol, i wonder how come they can be so 潇洒.

Sigh, i can blame no one, but just myself. Maybe i am just too stupid or i have no luck at all. Just hope that i can do well on the supplementary exam. Cause I DON’T WANT TO CRY AGAIN!!!!!!!